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Hypnotherapy and NLP in Winchester and Harley Street


For all personal changes and professional development….

Winchester Hypnotherapy and NLP and Harley Street NLP

Welcome to our website, and we hope that you will find the information and help you are looking for, quickly and easily.

You may be seeking assistance for anxiety, depression, relationship issues, confidence, weight loss or stopping smoking, or something quite different. Whatever your concern, we are are dedicated to helping resolve this easily and professionally. Just ask us!

A quick glance at the list of Personal Changes that we regularly deal with will tell you that many issues can cause ongoingstress and unhappiness.

Helping individuals to free themselves from needless difficulties and blocks is what we specialise in doing –  easily, gently, and effectively.

Using a combination of nlp (neuro-linguistic programming, a powerful and effective modern approach), psychotherapy, and hypnotherapy together, we can heal most traumas fairly gently and easily.

Most phobias are easily resolved in a session or two, and even the most severe past trauma can be effectively resolved in a few sessions… or less.

Hypnosis is simply a gentle and restful state, not unlike daydreaming, and even finds it’s way into the corporate and professional development world as ‘strategic planning’. Any process where we close our eyes or begin to daydream creatively can be thought of as hypnosis, or an ‘altered state’.

An experienced NLP Practitioner knows how to utilise that state to help clients with business development, ethical sales, selling strategies and leadership styles.

Professional development at work can also help with promoting confidence and satisfaction in life…..

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Sales of self-help hypnotherapy products such as books and cds are rising steadily as individuals use these methods to try to lose weight, stop smoking, or seek help with depression.

Many of our clients will have used these before coming to see us, and the adverts selling them can be seen everywhere.

Our advice is that, while these can (and often do) offer some help, building confidence, relaxation and better sleep, individual change usually needs a personal and professional approach!

Please feel free to explore this website by clicking on any of the topics and areas shown above, or on navigation menus.

Contact Steve Wichett on 07835 118044 for a free and confidential discussion of how we might be able to assist you.

You can also email us, or write to us with your enquiry, in complete confidence. Details are in our ‘Contact Us’ section. We will respond promptly and helpfully to you!


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